Professional Pictures Will Define Your Sales Campaign

When you're ready to put your horse on the market, give yourself the advantage of professional photography to make your horse stand out. A sales session includes portrait and conformation shots of the horse, as well as action shots of the horse moving freely and under saddle. Candids that help capture the horse's personality can also be included, as well as videography services if desired. Contact Natalie for more information.

About Natalie

Natalie began her photography career with her first SLR at age 9, a Minolta SRT series. Photography became a way for Natalie to express her love for animals and nature. As Natalie became more immersed in the horse world, her focus turned towards equine photography in particular. Natalie began using a digital SLR in 2009. As a testament to her love of film, Natalie does not use any post processing in her work aside from occasional cropping.

As an avid rider herself, Natalie has found a niche in capturing the perfect moment in time when it comes to performance horses. Her understanding of what a trained eye is looking for guides her timing of each photo to capture the ideal, whether it's the tightly folded front legs over a jump, or the dressage horse's moment of gravity-defying suspension, her images capture the beauty and athleticism of a horse in motion.

Shows, Races, New Foals, Graduations, and More!

Your horse is an important part of your life and the memories you are making all the time. Let Natalie help you capture those so you can keep them forever.

Whether it's a special event or just something you've been meaning to do, Natalie can be there to immortalize the beautiful moments into pieces you can treasure.

Whether they adorn the walls of your home or the pages of your website, beautiful photography is sure to invoke a special feeling each time it's viewed.